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America’s Test Kitchen 130x27

Join Christopher Kimball and the cast of America’s Test Kitchen, the most watched cooking show on America’s public television, to learn the basics of great home cooking. These recipes will work the first time you try them, thanks to the dozens of test cooks who develop, refine, and test recipes again and again until they arrive at the very best versions. In addition, this collection includes honest tastings of supermarket ingredients, detailed ratings of indispensable kitchen equipment and tools, and helpful kitchen science tips so that you can make informed choices when shopping. Simply put, learning to become a better cook has never been this foolproof or fun!

Each episode includes the following segments:

America’s Test Kitchen Recipes
The test kitchen chefs cook America’s favorite recipes with host Christopher Kimball, and deconstruct two recipes in each episode to reveal the test kitchen secrets to foolproof cooking at home.

Food Tastings with Jack Bishop
Jack Bishop heads up the Tasting Lab in America’s Test Kitchen and challenges host Christopher Kimball to taste test supermarket staples, revealing the test kitchen’s top recommendations for vanilla ice cream, feta cheese, vegetable oil, diced tomatoes, whole-wheat pasta, and more.

Equipment Testing with Adam Ried
Adam Ried, the test kitchen’s equipment expert, takes host Christopher Kimball through his top equipment recommendations for the home cook. From the best small appliances to cheap nonstick skillets to electric kettles and chef’s knives, Adam provides unbiased results.

Test Kitchen Tips and Techniques
Host Christopher Kimball shares test kitchen tips and techniques, designed to make home cooking easier. These tips include How to Buy the Freshest Shrimp, How to Choose the Perfect Wine