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Interviews Before Execution: A Chinese Talk Show 1x52

Ding Yu, an intelligent young journalist from China’s Henan Province, is the host of a most unique interview series. In her weekly primetime TV show called Interviews Before Execution, she goes into prison cells and interviews condemned prisoners shortly before they are executed. All of the interviewees are perpetrators of horrific violent crimes, including a gay man who defiled his mother’s dead body after having murdered her; a group of career criminals who kidnapped a young girl and killed her after realizing that her family could not afford to pay the ransom; and a woman who stabbed her husband to death after having been physically abused for many years. With unique and unprecedented access, Interviews Before Execution takes viewers into the nightmare worlds of violent criminals sentenced to death—and of the TV journalist who is their last connection to this world. (New version of Dead Men Talking, made for BBC, with 20% new content.)