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After Stonehenge 1x54

A team of archaeologists are excavating an ancient village in Cambridgeshire, England known as “The British Pompeii,” that has transformed history’s picture of life in Bronze Age Britain. Inside perfectly preserved roundhouses, the team has discovered everything from Britain’s oldest wheel to swords used in battle.  The biggest revelation was proof of technology needed to produce cloth which was never before seen in Britain and proved these villagers’ lives were anything but primitive.

But behind all the incredible revelations is a mystery. The village is perfectly preserved because it burned to the ground—was it a terrible accident or a deliberate act of violence? To try and solve this mystery, the team plots the progress of the fire, looks for signs of battle on the swords found around the site and questions if this wealthy village was simply abandoned.

After Stonehenge is part of the Secrets of the Dead series.