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Alfred and Jakobine 1x74, 1x52

In the summer of 1955, American Alfred Hobbs and his new Danish wife Jakobine were living in Casablanca, Morocco, where they discovered a vintage London taxi. Over the next four years the couple would drive the old car across the globe, starting with a daring crossing of the Sahara Desert and ending as near-celebrities on TV in Japan. Life, however, soon returned to normal when the couple returned home to the U.S., and Alfred grew stir crazy, eager for more adventures. So one day, with little warning, he got up and left Jakobine. A chance encounter at a party years later would forever reconnect them–they had a son together. However, Niels grew up without a father, only learning about this man through the bedtime stories his mother told him about their incredible adventures in the old London taxi. Fifty years later, having lived a life of selfishness and never remarrying, Alfred Hobbs looks out of his window at that deteriorated London taxi–his oldest friend, a symbol of the adventurer he once was and of the marriage he destroyed all those years ago–and hopes for reconciliation. At 84 years old, Alfred has a plan.