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America Revealed 4x53

In four groundbreaking hours, America Revealed leaps outside the mundane to take viewers on a soaring journey above the great American landscape, revealing the country as it has never been seen before. America Revealed harnesses the beauty and richness of high-definition video and beautifully rendered graphics to provide an unprecedented look at American life. Viewers embark on a journey through time, space, and complex systems to reveal a nation of interdependent and intricately interwoven networks and connections that have evolved over centuries. This series paints a rich, rarely seen portrait of the sophisticated and delicate web that supports our modern life, exposing both the remarkable ingenuity and eye-opening fragility of the countless combinations of networks that drive this nation.

Episodes include:

Food Machine: Join host Yul Kwon on a cross-country adventure to discover how the American food machine keeps nearly 300 million Americans fed every day.

Nation on the Move: Travel by air, road and rail with host Yul Kwon as he ventures behind the scenes of America’s massive transportation system.

Electric Nation: Understand the intricacies, vulnerabilities and remarkable ingenuity required to keep up America’s modern electric power grid up and running.

Made in the USA: Re-evaluate your perceptions of the American manufacturing machine as host Yul Kwon introduces you to the people who are changing the system.