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America’s Untold Story 4x56

The first permanent European settlement in the United States was founded two generations before the Pilgrims arrived in 1565—not by English Protestants, but by a melting pot of Spanish, Africans, Italians, Germans, Irish and converted Jews, who integrated almost immediately with the indigenous tribes. America’s Untold Story, from Secrets of the Dead, uncovers the story of America’s past that never made it into textbooks.

Episode One – Struggle to Survive: Through archives and diaries discovered in a private collection held by an ancestor of Pedro Menendez, this episode follows the survivors through their first year – unveiling a very different America than we know today.

Episode Two – Men of God, Men of Greed: By 1607 when Jamestown was founded, St. Augustine was undergoing urban renewal, but English colonists were ready to attack. In 1620 Plymouth was founded, and by 1664, 11 of the 13 British colonies had been established.

Episode Three – The British Are Coming: In 1763 Spain ceded Florida to England in order to keep its valuable port of Havana. The entire city of St. Augustine fled to Cuba and Mexico to avoid British rule. As the Spanish move out, the British move in – and with them, slavery.

Episode Four – The 14th and 15th Colonies: The British divided Florida into two parts, the East and West, becoming the 14th and 15th British colonies. In 1812 the Patriot’s War began, and Florida became U.S. territory.

America’s Untold Story is part of the Secrets of the Dead series.

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