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Baby Animals: The Top 10 12x50

Standing out from the crowd is tough, especially in the animal kingdom. With an estimated 8.7 million species vying for attention, the multitude of contenders must go above and beyond to make it onto top 10 lists. But there is one group that has an unfair advantage: baby animals. Baby Animals: The Top 10 celebrates the youngest wonders of the animal kingdom and is must-watch viewing for all who love nature.

Episode 1: Babies with Bite
Meet animals whose survival depends entirely on their teeth and fangs including the Taipan snake and baby hippos with bone-crushing bites.

Episode 2: Smallest
Discover the world’s tiniest young animals in this episode. Our list includes the smallest from birth and those that remain small, like Baby Clownfish and Hummingbird chicks.

Episode 3: Most Mysterious
Discover the most enigmatic baby animals on the planet. From the dainty Quokka to cute Arctic fox pups, they’re rarely seen, and we know little about them.

Episode 4: Only a Mother Could Love
From Tasmanian Devil joeys to farm piglets, they may not be attractive youngsters, but each has their own appeal plus a mother who loves and cares for them.

Episode 5: Strongest
Powerhouse baby animals, from saltwater crocodile hatchlings with the strongest bite force to eagle chicks that can carry prey a third of their body weight.

Episode 6: Cuddliest
The ten cutest and most huggable little creatures on planet earth. These little animals have mastered the art of natural camouflage and how to stand out from the pack.

Episode 7: Slowest

They are Lazy, energy-efficient, and always slow. From sloth cubs moving at 2 meters per minute to swans hitchhiking on their mother’s back, join us for our countdown of the slowest moving animals on our planet.

Episode 8: Independent

We countdown the most independent baby animals that instinctively know how to walk, swim, or slither and feed themselves shortly after birth. From baby kittens to Green Sea Turtles!

Episode 9: Fastest

Fastest counts down ten young animals with potential to be the fastest on Earth: From cheetah cubs that reach 120km/hour, and falcon chicks that will become the world’s fastest bird. These young animals have a need for speed.

Episode 10: Cutest

Cutest isn’t just about looks, it’s also about behavior and survival. Meerkats thrive on their natural instincts, while Otter pups and Giant Panda babies show off their unique talents.

Episode 11: Weirdest

We explore the oddest offspring in the animal kingdom. From the Sea Dragon’ covered in armor to the carnivorous Numbats, discover the top 10 weirdest baby animals. With plenty of insights and curious fact.

Episode 12: Coolest

Coolest Looking Families counts down our list of the animal kingdoms most visually captivating wildlife. From our cousins the Primates, to the colorful world of the planet’s Bird family. Insights & curious facts guaranteed