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Bible’s Buried Secrets, The 1x113

Bible’s Buried Secrets, a landmark two-hour NOVA special, breaks exciting new ground in investigating the origins of the ancient Israelites, their faith in a single all-powerful God, and the creation of the Bible. A powerful partnership between science and scholarship, Bible’s Buried Secrets examines the most pressing issues in biblical archaeology by bringing together, for the first time on film, more than a century of literary detective work and decades of archaeological excavation in the Holy Land to challenge many long-held assumptions. Did Judaism, the first monotheistic religion, emerge fully formed at the time of Abraham? Archaeological evidence and biblical clues clearly show that most Israelites worshiped pagan gods all along. Moreover, many Israelites believed that God had a wife, who was venerated as an idol. It was only after the destruction of Jerusalem that Jewish exiles in Babylon began to conceive of a single universal God. And it was not until the Babylonian Exile that the first five books of the Bible were finally assembled and composed. From the ashes of these two great calamities emerged Judaism’s lasting creations: monotheism and the Bible. Together, they formed the core beliefs of Christianity, Islam and our modern world. A story of science, history, and faith, NOVA’s Bible’s Buried Secrets reveals provocative new insights that will leave a lasting impact on viewers and will become the definitive documentary on the Bible for generations to come.