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Boeing’s Fatal Flaw (w.t.) 1x60

In the weeks after a three-month-old Lion Air 737-Max crashed into the Java Sea off Jakarta on October 29, 2018 killing everyone on board, aircraft manufacturer Boeing publicly suggested the cause was pilot error. But insiders who did an after-crash analysis quickly knew otherwise: “I had the plane’s data within days,” says one safety regulator working with Boeing. “In a minute I knew. It was a fatal design flaw.” Yet the company – with three assembly lines then underway to meet 5,000 orders of the latest version of the 737, the best-selling commercial aircraft of all time – only responded with a vague advisory to its airline customers. It took five more months, another crash – Ethiopian Airlines Flight 620 – and a total of 346 deaths before the 737-Max was grounded. “Boeing’s Fatal Flaw” is a collaborative investigative documentary film between Frontline and The New York Times that tells the inside story of the 737-Max: how intense market pressure and confused regulatory safety oversight resulted in the seismic failure of one of the world’s most iconic industrial names. The film focuses on a team of New York Times investigative reporters who achieved unparalleled access to Boeing, the US Federal Aviation Administration, and a partnership between the company and government that gave regulatory oversight of safety issues to Boeing employees.