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Bombing of Germany, The 1x50

The United States entered World War II with a new weapon: a bomber fleet that it believed would decide battles from a distance, without the face-to-face slaughter of a land war. The United States also entered the war as an agent of righteousness, determined to fight a clean war that did not target civilians.  But WWII turned out to be the first truly total war in which whole societies were pitted against each other. The distinction between combatant and civilian blurred, especially for Nazi Germany.  Bent on conquest, the German strategies became completely amoral, challenging and perhaps ending the already weakened concept of “civilized warfare”. Through interviews with veterans, historians, and ethicists from all of the countries engaged in WWII, this film recounts the story of the British and American bombing campaigns against Germany, exploring the moral conundrums imposed by the reality of the war.