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Bones of the Buddha 1x52

In Northern India in 1898, British landowner, Willie Peppe, set his workers digging on a mysterious hill with no idea what they may find. What they discovered led to a real life Indiana Jones tale, brimming with deception, priceless treasure, intrepid adventurers, and international politics. Just 20 feet below ground, Peppe and his workers made an amazing discovery: a huge stone coffer, containing five reliquary jars, over 1,000 separate jewels, and some ash and bone. Most remarkable of all, they found an inscription on one of the jars that appeared to say it contained the remains of the Buddha himself, who died 2500 years ago. This discovery seemed to be the most extraordinary find in Indian archaeology. However, doubt and scandal have hung over this amazing find for more than 100 years. Some believe the whole thing is an elaborate hoax, while others consider the site the final resting place of the leader of one of the world’s great religions. Led by renowned historian, Charles Allen, Bones of the Buddha seeks to solve this mystery once and for all.