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Casa Susanna 1x120

Just a few hours outside of New York City, in the magnificent landscape of the Catskill Mountains, lay a unique and special property that in the 1950s and 1960s offered a safe haven for cross-dressing men: Casa Susanna. It was here that Humberto Arriagada (AKA Susanna), who lived a double life for many years with dreams of dressing as a woman, opened his home to his friends who also cross-dressed in secret to “give help and opportunities for happiness to the other girls who were going through the very same ordeals of loneliness, guilt and misery which had underlined Susanna’s past life.” This film reveals how the first transgender network in American LGBTQ history took shape implicitly, long before the Stonewall riots, against the backdrop of sectarian and repressive Cold War America.

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