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Chasing Heroin 1x114, 2x53

Demand for drugs in America has never been higher. Twenty three million Americans are abusing drugs, and overdoses kill 40,000 people a year—more than car accidents. Half of the country’s prison population—the largest in the world—is serving time for drug offenses. And despite the hundreds of billions spent on enforcement, drugs on the street are cheaper than ever.

But now, 40 years into its war on drugs, the United States may be turning a corner. Confronted with an unprecedented heroin epidemic, officials in Washington are re-considering their broken drug policy. This two-hour FRONTLINE special follows four hard core drug users as they navigate a shifting landscape—on the streets, in rehab, drug court, and prison – and looks at innovative public health programs attempting to deal with America’s drug problem and asks: Is there a better way?


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