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Dante 3x60, 1x180

DANTE explores the riveting life and times of Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) and his soaring masterpiece The Divine Comedy–inarguably one of the greatest artistic achievements in the history of literature. Directed by Ric Burns, and written by Ric Burns and Riccardo Bruscagli, the film chronicles the mesmerizing story, at once dreamlike and hyper-real, that unfolds within poem itself, and the story of how Dante managed to create it under suchunpromising circumstances andhow it has been transmitted over time. Including interviews with Riccardo Bruscagli, Teodolinda Barolini, Lino Pertile, Elena Lombardi, Heather Webb, Catherine Adoyo, Claudio Giunta, Theodore Cachey, Manuele Gragnolati, Giuseppe Ledda, Timothy Verdon, GuyRaffa, among others.