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Dinosaurs on Ice 1x53

There are many dinosaur bones on Alaska’s North Slope, but they’re trapped in an impenetrable wall of permafrost. Dr. Tom Rich is the tenacious fossil hunter: a paleontologist who has made his name digging in extreme places who wants to release the bones by mining into the permafrost along the Colville River in northern Alaska. If he is successful, it will pave the way for the first new major dinosaur field in North America in over 80 years. Here, the bones of giant reptiles that lived in the last few million years leading up to the catastrophe that caused their mass extinction have already been recovered. Rich’s ice tunnel may provide clues to their final days, clues to the survival of today’s creatures living under harsh climatic change and even, though it is very cautiously speculated, fragments of DNA. Dinosaurs on Ice is a meeting of extreme engineering and paleontology in a harsh, breathtaking environment. It will break the ice on a prehistoric world that until now has been unreachable.