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Divided States of America 2x114, 4x53

President Donald Trump inherits a country deeply divided by politics, race, gender, culture and economics—divisions that helped fuel his rise to the White House. What are the roots of the partisan gridlock, populist anger and racial tensions that charged the 2016 presidential campaign? And what is the legacy of President Barack Obama, who rode to office on the promise of transforming politics and uniting America? From filmmaker Michael Kirk and his team comes television’s most comprehensive exploration of the Obama era. This four-hour series draws on new, in-depth interviews with White House officials, Cabinet members, and senior Congressional leaders from both parties, as well as one of the richest archives in broadcast journalism, to examines how Obama’s promise of change and unity quickly collided with political realities and racially-charged resistance. Divided States of America also explores the civil war within the Republican party, and identifies turning points over the past eight years that exposed simmering divisions among the American people. The series is a revelatory story not just about Barack Obama’s presidency, but America itself.


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