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Elephants of Kilimanjaro 1x47

In East Africa, a chain of magnificent volcanoes blisters the face of the earth. Some are dead, others sleep, and one is very much alive. There is the Black Mountain, the Sacred Mountain, and the most famous of all, The Great White Mountain—Mount Kilimanjaro. To indigenous tribes these legendary volcanoes are home of the Gods and known as the Mountains of Eden. The largest and most impressive of all the animals that live on and around the Great White Mountain is the elephant. Images of these great beasts with Kilimanjaro’s white summit as the backdrop are world-renowned. Much less familiar are the shy and rarely-seen elephants that dwell in the high forests. In the past, elephants roamed freely up and down the mountain. Now they run a treacherous gauntlet as more and more of the slopes are cultivated. When tempted by the succulent crops, wild animals such as the elephants and monkeys face poisonous traps, snares and spears. These mighty beasts will lead us on a journey of exploration, adventure and revelation as we follow their footsteps up the Great White Mountain.