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Elinor Wonders Why, Episode 102

This funny and engaging show follows a curious bunny named Elinor as she asks the questions in every child’s mind and discovers the wonders of the world around her. Whether it’s borrowing tricks from birds and fish to make a go-cart go faster, or imitating animal camouflage techniques to improve at hide-and-seek, Elinor and her friends Ari and Olive explore the wonderful and amazing ways nature connects to our everyday lives. Each episode encourages children to follow their curiosity about nature, to ask questions they don’t understand and to find answers using basic science practices. This series is filled with curiosity, nature and wonder, while encouraging children and parents at home to ask their own questions and experience the joy of discovery and understanding.

Ages: 3 – 5

Screen Episode 102

Hiding in Plain Sight: Elinor and her friends are playing Hide-And-Go-Seek at recess, but no matter where they hide, the Goat twins always seem to find them. The kids decide they need a to find a better way to hide, so they observe some animals who are camouflaged, prompting Elinor to realize that she, Olive and Ari can use their shapes, colors and patterns to hide themselves in plain sight so that the Goat Twins can’t spot them.

Owl Girl: Elinor isn’t sure what she’s going to be for Costume Day, but it has to be something INTERESTING. That night, Elinor is awakened by a strange “Whooo!” sound coming from outside, so she and her mom go out to investigate. While looking for the source of the strange sound, Elinor is surprised at how many things are happening outside at night while she sleeps. Suddenly, they hear the sound again and look up to see an owl soaring in the sky, which inspires Elinor to figure out exactly what she wants to be for the costume parade.

74×11′ (delivered as 37×25′) + 1 x 55′ Special