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Coronavirus Fieldworkers (w.t.) 1x30

FRONTLINE goes into the California fields to reveal the plight of undocumented farmworkers through the coronavirus pandemic—and what’s at stake for the country that relies on them. Critical to the nation’s food supply, hundreds of thousands of these workers have continued to pick the fruits and vegetables we depend on, without the ability to shelter in place or the luxury of the safety net that protects many American workers, like health insurance, paid sick leave, and unemployment benefits. Drawing on years of reporting in the immigrant community, FRONTLINE producers Daffodil Altan and Andres Cediel (Rape in the Fields, Rape on the Night Shift, Trafficked in America) expose the challenges these workers are facing from the virus, immigration policies, and their essential jobs in the fields. Also this hour, Coronavirus Detention (working title). Available in June.

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