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Explore Secrets of Britain 21x60

Discover the secrets of Britain with PBS International’s catalogue of British series and shows!

Secrets of Britain’s Great Cathedrals

Dominating the landscape for centuries, ancient cathedrals and abbeys reflect Britain’s turbulent history through their architectural grandeur—stories of its kings and queens and the religious and social changes brought about by the English Reformation, as well as tales of intrigue, love, faith and conviction. Secrets of Britain’s Great Cathedrals explores cathedrals and abbeys found throughout England and Wales, featuring interviews with historians and breathtaking 4K footage captured by drones filming their legendary façades and soaring interior spaces. Season 1: 4×55 HD, Season 2: 4×55 HD

Secrets of Britain

The enormous popularity of dramas such as Downton Abbey, Mr. Selfridge, and Sherlock, has led to a huge interest in the real-life stories and history of these amazing people and places. Each episode of this series visits a famous British building or institution to explore its past and present, meeting a wide range of experts and historians along the way. The Secrets of Britain series explores: Scotland Yard, Selfridges, Tower of London, Her Majesty’s Secret Service, Westminster, and Underground London. 6×55 HD

Secrets of the Manor Houses

The enormous popularity of period costume dramas set in the English countryside has led to huge interest in the real-life stories of the amazing homes that dot the landscape and often serve as the settings for these lush productions. This new five-part series explores four of  the best-known and most-storied homes in England, and provides a primer for understanding the inner workings of the British manor houses in the early 20th century, revealing the gorgeous décor and furnishings of the homes as well as the incredibly rich history of their occupants. The series explores Highclere Castle, Henry VIII’s Palace, Chatsworth, and Althorp. 5×55 HD

Inside the Court of Henry VII

Henry VIII is the most iconic king of English history. Once Europe’s most promising and enlightened prince, he squandered Britain’s riches on futile wars, and tore apart the centuries-old religious certainties of his people. Decades of religious persecution and bloodshed would follow his reign, just as tens of thousands of people were executed as a direct result of both his policies and his personal vendettas. Inside the Court of Henry VIII pulls back the veil to expose the vicious rivalries and conspiracies that characterized his court, where a new breed of man could gain power. 1×56 HD

The Craven Street Bones

When skeletal remains of at least 10 people, including several infants, turned up in the basement of Benjamin Franklin’s London residence, people wondered if the Founding Father might have had a much darker side as the bones had been meticulously cut and drilled. Franklin was aware of the bodies in his basement, but they weren’t the victims of violent acts. Rather, they were used for the purposes of an illegal anatomy school that helped shaped modern medicine. 1×55 HD