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FDR 4x60

FDR, a four-and-a-half hour television series, examines the elusive public and private personality of Franklin Roosevelt. It explores the forces that shaped FDR’s personality and how his image penetrated so many different corners of American life. It looks with fresh eyes and new scholarship at the question of the identity of the “real” Roosevelt, a question which tantalized his contemporaries during his life and which has confounded and fascinated biographers since his death. The man who served as President longer than any other and who led the United States during its two greatest twentieth century crises:  the Depression and World War II still shapes our understanding of the role of government and the presidency.  Sticking close to FDR and those who knew him, the series follows Roosevelt on the remarkable trajectory that carried him from his family estate at Hyde Park to the White House in Washington. It is because of FDR that we expect the President of the United States to be a primary shaper of his times; indeed, most of us can hardly imagine that the presidency was ever otherwise.

Episode lengths:
Part I: 1×57 minutes
Part II: 1×60 minutes
Part III: 1×72 minutes
Part IV: 1×74 minutes