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First We Eat 1x101, 1x55

“Inspirational! Suzanne Crocker’s amazing experiment shows that even in the far north with strong individual, family and community effort, local food can feed us year round.”   David Suzuki 

 “Top 10 Must See Films” – Indie Wire, NOW Magazine, The Gate 

First We Eat puts food sovereignty to the test in the far North of Canada. Filmmaker Suzanne Crocker, living just 300 kilometres from the Arctic Circle, removes absolutely all grocery store food from her house. For one year, she feeds her family of five, only food that can be hunted, fished gathered, grown or raised around Dawson City, Yukon. Add three skeptical teenagers, one reluctant husband, no salt, no caffeine, no sugar, and -40 temperatures. Ultimately the story becomes a celebration of community and the surprising bounty of food that even a tiny community in the far North can provide.


Long List (Qualifying List): 2021 Oscars for Best Documentary

Audience Choice Award for Best Canadian Feature Documentary: Available Light Film Festival (Canada)

World Premiere: Hot Docs (May 2020)  

  • Winner of an Audience Choice Award  

International Premiere:  Doc Edge, New Zealand (June 2020) 

  • Winner Best of Future Watch (Jury Award)