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Giraffes: The Forgotten Giants 1x50

Giraffes: The Forgotten Giants is an exciting look into the secret life of giraffes, as scientists race to solve the last pieces of code about how these magnificent creatures communicate. The documentary introduces us to a number of individual giraffes—both in the wild in Africa and in captivity in North America, and we meet the scientists who trace the life cycle of the grand animals from birth to death. Anne Dagg, the pioneering “Jane Goodall” of giraffes, joins scientists carrying out new groundbreaking studies in the areas of infrasound (sound humans can’t hear), thermal imaging and biometrics using the most current research and state of the art technology. We will witness an attempt to prove giraffes use infrasound—like elephants and rhinos—to communicate. Uncovering the secrets of giraffes can allow us to help save the disappearing species, which are among the most threatened of the great mammals in Africa.


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