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Iceman Reborn 1x55

Perhaps no single human body has revealed more about life on Earth than Otzi—the miraculously preserved mummy from Neolithic Europe. The intact remains from 5,300 years ago continue to provide new information about a crucial time in human history. NOVA journeys with artist Gary Staab to Bolzano, Italy as he visits the Iceman in person, studies every detail of his miraculously preserved body and consults with the scientists who care for the mummy. As we see the new Iceman built step by detailed step from resin and clay and paint, new facts about Otzi’s life, genetic makeup and legacy come to light. The world’s leading Otzi experts, biologists and anthropologists will reveal their latest findings about his life and times, including intriguing new evidence of previously unseen tattoos, fresh data on his diet and medical condition and cutting edge DNA research tracing the Neolithic man’s living descendants.


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