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Jewish Americans, The 3x112

THE JEWISH AMERICANS, an extraordinary three-part documentary series written and directed by the Emmy Award-winning filmmaker David Grubin, examines the struggle of a tiny minority to make its way into the American mainstream. While the story of Jewish life in America is emblematic of the American immigrant story, it is also a unique story of ongoing discrimination and stereotyping coupled with some of the most remarkable accomplishments in American history, the arts, commerce, science and academia.

Beginning with the first Jews to arrive in New Amsterdam in the 17th century, the film offers a revealing portrait of a people who epitomize the immigrant experience. Even as they have faced bigotry and rejection, Jews have embraced American culture while keeping alive their traditions and heritage.  The film is an exploration of the opportunities, freedoms and prosperity that Jews have found in America, after struggling through millennia of persecution.

THE JEWISH AMERICANS features narration by Emmy- and Tony-nominated actor Liev Schreiber and interviews with prominent Jewish Americans, including playwright Tony Kushner, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, comedians Carl Reiner and Sid Caesar, actor and singer Mandy Patinkin and numerous other Jewish leaders in entertainment, academia, business and politics who share their personal reflections about what it means to be a Jewish American.