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JFK: One PM Central Standard Time 1x57

Fifty years after the tragic shooting of President John F. Kennedy, JFK: One PM Central Standard Time delivers a minute-by-minute account of what happened in the CBS newsroom from the moment the President was shot until Walter Cronkite’s emotional pronouncement of his death, one hour and eight minutes later.

Given what was arguably the biggest story of the 20th century, how would Cronkite and the CBS news team in New York and Dallas react? They wanted to be the first with the story, but they had to be right. The reporters on the ground in Dallas jumped into action and wired the news back to New York, and we hear moving memories from people who were with there on that day including Dan Rather, Bob Scheiffer, and Robin MacNeil.

The film is played out amid the chaos in Dallas, in the hospital, and in the CBS newsroom in New York, where Walter Cronkite must ultimately deliver the news that President Kennedy was declared dead at Parkland Hospital at one p.m. central standard time.