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Last Days in Vietnam 1x97, 2x54, 1x114

“Observant, incisive, and at times both heartrending and inspiring, the film offers the potential for further reconciliation almost 40 years after America’s final retreat and will likely be replayed frequently on broadcast and digital channels.” – Hollywood Reporter

“Excellent.” – The New York Times

2016 CINE Golden Eagle Award Nonfiction Content

Panic gripped Saigon on April 29th, 1975, as thousands of Americans and Vietnamese scrambled to designated departure points to flee a city about to fall to Communist forces. With the airport in North Vietnamese hands, mobs swarmed the U.S. embassy, scaling the walls in an effort to get on one of the last choppers out. Over the course of 18 hours, 70 U.S.helicopters flew 630 rescue missions evacuating more than 1,300 Americans and almost 6,000 Vietnamese. Many of the most remarkable rescue efforts during the haphazard and chaotic evacuation succeeded because of the ingenuity of individual marines or CIA operatives who made sure that American and Vietnamese co-workers and friends made their way to safety. And in the rush to get out, the U.S. government left behind $5 billion in military hardware and thousands of Vietnamese loyal to the United States, many of whom had reason to fear for their lives.