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Last Days of Jesus 1x114, 2x56

A little more than 2,000 years ago, the story of the historical Jesus of Nazareth, son of a carpenter and stone mason, begins in a tiny village in the hills of the Galilee. Some 30 years later, in Jerusalem, his life ends and the story of Christianity unfolds. Little is known from the Gospels about the man himself until he steps onto the scene as a popular preacher who captures the interest of the crowds.

In recent years, some historians have begun to question inconsistencies in the Gospels’ version of events. They believe that the Gospels could hide a very different story, one that casts the historical Jesus in an entirely new light. Based on a new interpretation of historical events in Rome, Last Days of Jesus peels back thousands of years of tradition to explore a new political context concerning the events in Jerusalem. This is the story told by leading scholars and authors in the field of classics, religion, history and archaeology, based on existing as well as new evidence from ancient texts and artifacts. Last Days of Jesus illustrates the ever-changing political landscape in Rome that may have affected Jesus’ life.