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Last Days of Man 2x54

Is the human race facing real threats to its existence? In the form of a top-10 list of doomsday scenarios, Last Days of Man is a scientific examination of the disasters that have the capacity to annihilate the human race—and it’s not just the usual threats from nuclear weapons, climate change, and meteorite impacts. There are a number of lesser known but much more probable risks to humanity; the first episode investigates the dangers of nature’s violent forces, while the second episode explores the threats that humanity has created for itself. Dinosaurs, mammoths, and Neanderthals—the celebrities of the evolutionary history—were all extinguished after their heyday. If more than 99.9% of all species that ever lived on earth no longer exist, are humans also at risk? Some scientists believe that humans have made themselves immune to extinction by colonization and by virtue of the sheer numbers of our population, while others believe the species is in grave danger and the coming century will be crucial for our survival.