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Lost Boys of Sudan 1x55, 1x87

Sudan has been ravaged by civil war 47 years. Two million people were killed and more than 4 million displaced, so a group of 20,000 young boys fled into the bush, wandering the desert seeking safe harbor, ultimately finding safe-haven in UN refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya. With peace in Sudan unforeseeable, the US government decided to bring the “Lost Boys” to America. The film begins in the Kakuma Kenya Refugee Camp where Peter and Santino have made the US trip list posted in the camp twice a month. Arriving in Houston, Texas, Peter and Santino begin to face the everyday challenges of their new lives: riding the bus, working jobs, and sending money home to Africa. Will the reality of their new lives compare to expectations of the US as the land of education and financial opportunity? The film intimately follows this struggle as they hold on to their traditions and cope with the psychological scars of their past, while helping us look at issues of immigration, foreign aid, race and cultural identity.