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Market Warriors 20x53

In Market Warriors, expert antiques “pickers” embark on a nationwide treasure hunt, scouring flea markets for vintage valuables and selling their finds at auction with an eye toward maximizing profit. These pickers aren’t your amateur, weekend-flea-market hobbyists — they are pros, here to compete against each other in a competition that takes them on a cross-country adventure. In each episode, four pickers travel to different market locations across the country to purchase certain items with a set amount of money. As the competitors apply their knowledge and skills to real financial transactions, viewers will learn about different objects and their history. Then, the sale of the pickers’ items takes place at an auction on a different day, in a different location. All four competitors will watch the auctioneer take charge of the bidding and the picker whose objects make the highest total profit at auction is the episode’s winner.