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Mega Croc vs. Super Snake 1x56

65 million years ago a massive meteor wiped the dinosaurs from the face of the earth. But the world that emerged immediately following the catastrophe has always been a total mystery. Recently, a mining operation in Cerrejon, Northern Colombia, opened a window onto this previously unknown period of the earth’s history. It revealed a world teeming with giant reptiles.

It was thought that the biggest of them all was Titanoboa—a 43 foot snake—but analysis of a single crocodile fossil challenges Titanoboa’s position as apex predator. Most scientists believed giant crocodiles died out with the dinosaurs, but this new discovery suggests that some species not only survived the devastating meteor but also thrived. Mega Croc vs. Super Snake reveals the secrets behind the super powers that place them among the most fearsome predators that ever lived. For example, their size wasn’t the only advantage these animals had—each of them was armed with unique hunting abilities that set them apart. And measuring constriction force of living snakes and bite force of alligators, the films’ experts make predictions of just how powerful the Cerrejon beasts were.

All evidence suggests that 58 million years ago there was a monumental battle between two giants equipped with overwhelming hunting prowess. Mega Croc vs. Super Snake follows scientists in real time as they piece together the size and strength of these two giants to discover which was truly master of this lost world.

Mega Croc vs. Super Snake is part of the Secrets of the Dead series.


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