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#MeToo, Now What? 5x30

The #MeToo movement shattered the silence and pushed sexual harassment and the lived experiences of so many women to the forefront of the global conversation.  Now it’s time to take that conversation to a deeper level, engaging women and men from all generations and walks of life. #MeToo, Now What? asks: How did we get here and how can we begin to effect positive and lasting change?

The five-part series aims to create authentic and honest dialogue among women and men towards understanding, healing and reconciliation. Executive producer and host Zainab Salbi takes on the uncomfortable conversations, reflecting on the times in which we as individuals and as a society have been complacent as well as the times in which we may have been complicit.

Beyond the sensational headlines, #MeToo, Now What? examines many of the factors that enabled sexual harassment to endure in the workplace despite the laws that prevented it. The series looks at how popular culture, pay inequity and gender discrimination, and the intersecting issues of race and class affect the way society views women and explores how men can be engaged in this discussion, how some men are rethinking masculinity and, ultimately, how we might begin to chart a path forward.


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