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Molly of Denali 122x11 (delivered as 61x25) + 2x60 Specials

George Foster Peabody Award Winner – 2019

Television Critics Association (TCA) Award Winner for Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming – 2020

Kidscreen Award Winner for Best Inclusivity – 2021

Molly is entertainingly informative” – PEOPLE

“PBS is breaking new ground in the world of children’s television” – National Public Radio

Dive into the great outdoors with Molly of Denali! Molly, a feisty and resourceful 10-year-old Alaskan Native, her dog Suki, and her friends Tooey and Trini take advantage of their awe-inspiring surroundings with daily adventures, including everything from building snow forts to delivering a camera to friends on a volcano via dog sled! Molly not only vlogs about her adventures, but she also uses resources like books, maps, field guides, and local experts to encourage curiosity, learn about her environment, and help in her community. Molly’s Alaskan village and the great Denali National Park offers a rich backdrop through which Molly shares her life in Alaska with kids all over the world. Come join the adventure!

Ages: 4 – 8

• How technology aids communication
• Intergenerational relationships
• Contemporary rural life
• Strong female role models
• Literacy