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Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking 78x26

The new, Emmy®-nominated series, Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking, takes viewers on a culinary journey with talented host Pete Evans, an award-winning Australian chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author. In each episode, Pete sets the tone for a pop-up feast in locations from California’s wine country to the bustling skyline of New York City. Follow Pete and local chefs as they source the finest ingredients for their dishes and work against the clock to prepare a multi-course menu for an eclectic, enthusiastic, and ravenous group of foodies. These innovative chefs create spontaneous, delicious feasts in unique settings that will inspire home cooks everywhere.

Season 6 Available Now

In Season 6, hosts Pete Evans and Michelle Bernstein travel around the world to meet chefs known for their innovative cuisine, distinctive flavors and regional styles as they source fresh ingredients from food artisans to create pop-up feasts with both new recipes and traditional dishes in stunning locations from San Francisco and New York’s Tribeca, to Cozumel and Mexico City and beyond.

Inflight rights also available.