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The Mueller Investigation 1x51

In the two years since he was appointed, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has rocked Washington with a massive investigation that has already led to 37 indictments or guilty pleas and almost 200 individual criminal charges. Many of the president’s top political advisors and closest associates have been sentenced to prison with others facing the same fate. Now, as the world waits for the details of Mueller’s report on election interference and allegations that President Donald Trump obstructed justice, FRONTLINE reveals the history of Mueller’s investigation. From Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey to his clash with Attorney General Jeff Sessions to his public attacks on what he labeled “a witch hunt,” The Mueller Investigation traces how the President of the United States set himself on a collision course with the country’s top law enforcement officials. Through new interviews with key players inside the White House and FBI and drawing on FRONTLINE’s extensive archive of the Trump presidency, The Mueller Investigation provides viewers with an inside look at the roots of a report that could forever change the Trump presidency.

The Mueller Investigation is a film by Michael Kirk.