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Mystery of the Arctic Cairn 1x54

A subzero adventure with a historical twist, Mystery of the Arctic Cairn follows four men and their tempestuous Inuit dogs on a 1,200-kilometer journey into the icy wilderness. Tobias Thorleifsson has a dream to cross the Canadian Arctic in the footsteps of Otto Sverdrup—a Norwegian polar legend who mapped 150,000 square kilometers of land in the Arctic with his 16-member crew in 1898. Teaming up with American polar traveler John Huston and Canadian Hugh Dale-Harris, the men travel to Land’s Lokk in search of Sverdrup’s lost cairn. South African filmmaker, Kyle O’Donoghue documents this incredible journey to the edge of the world, capturing incredible interactions with wildlife including a stand-off with a polar bear, a dance with arctic wolves, and the silent awe of musk oxen.


Inflight rights also available.