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Ocean Animal Emergency 1x60

Go inside a very special emergency room and witness the efforts of a renown team of wildlife veterinarians to save sick and injured ocean animals, like an adorable but weak Harbor Seal pup or the full grown,  feisty California Sea Lions that are scarred and entangled by plastic human trash floating in our oceans. This compelling rescue effort is both heartwarming and heartbreaking, because not only are these patients bright, appealing… and furry, they are also a critical  barometer of our oceans’ declining health. World famous marine mammal veterinarian Frances Gulland and her colleague, Dr. Felicia Nutter, oversee the medical efforts at the Marine Mammal Center in Sausalito, California, the foremost marine mammal research hospital in the world.  Ocean Animal Emergency explores cutting edge research into many of the diseases plaguing these animals, some the result of the devastating effect that humans have on our environment.  The program also takes you inside the critical effort to save one of America’s most endangered animals, the Hawaiian Monk Seal. Through the compelling stories of the furry patients at the Marine Mammal Center, Ocean Animal Emergency gives an insiders view of the work of wild animal veterinarians and illustrates the devastating changes happening in the ecology of our oceans.


Inflight rights also available.