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Pandemic 2020 3x60

Filmed in 21 countries, this special chronicles the first year of the coronavirus pandemic through the eyes of people all over the world — from a hot dog vendor in New York City to a ballet dancer in Moscow; from a food blogger in Wuhan to a filmmaker in a remote Indigenous village in Brazil. Filmmaker James Bluemel (Exodus, Once Upon a Time in Iraq) traces the pandemic’s path around the globe through the stories of people experiencing it, showing how responses to the disease that has now killed more than 3 million people have differed across culture, race, faith and privilege.

Pandemic 2020 shares intimate and unforgettable glimpses into how the pandemic has played out in the lives, homes and communities of people around the world. This film illuminates differences between how wealthy and low-income people have experienced the pandemic, and COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on Black, Indigenous, Hispanic and other people of color in the U.S. and elsewhere. By juxtaposing the experiences of different people all around the world throughout the first year of the pandemic, this series gives is a uniquely panoramic view of how the coronavirus has created ripples of profound loss, restructured how people across the world live their lives, and amplified existing inequities.