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Peter & Paul and the Christian Revolution 2x55

An EMPIRES Special

Two thousand years ago, in the Roman province of Judea, Jesus was crucified by imperial troops.  Thousands before him had suffered the same fate. But unlike his predecessors on the cross, Jesus did not disappear from history. Instead, his memory was kept alive by a small band of Jews — men and women who held fast to their conviction that Jesus was the Messiah.

The early followers of Jesus faced powerful obstacles. The might of the Roman Empire and the dangerous politics of ancient Jerusalem lay a heavy burden on those who believed in Jesus. But the new faith would not die. In a brief span of time, the movement would transcend its origins in the provinces of Rome and absorb the capital of the Empire itself.

With the words of Paul and other ancient writers, interviews with contemporary scholars, and dramatic reenactments, PETER & PAUL AND THE CHRISTIAN REVOLUTION explores how two men led one of history’s most astonishing religious movements.