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Petra: Lost City of Stone 1x53

For over a millennium, Petra was lost to the Western world and less than one percent of the city has been explored in the 200 years since its rediscovery. Now, in a daring experiment, an archaeologist and a team of sculptors carve an iconic temple-tomb to find out how the ancient people of Petra built their city of stone. In Petra: Lost City of Stone, scientists travel to the site in modern-day Jordan to use remote sensors and hydraulic flumes to discover a city of the living—complete with a water system that not only supplied 30,000 people with enough to drink, but also filled bathhouses, fountains, and pools with such abundance that some scholars believe this desert metropolis may have been the Las Vegas of the ancient world. The race is on to discover how these nomads created an oasis of culture in one of the harshest climates on Earth, and ultimately, why Petra disappeared.