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Pioneers of Television: Betty White – First Lady of Television 1x55

Pioneers of Television presents this definitive look at Betty White’s life and career. The film is packed with hilarious clips from her long career, including her roles as the bawdy Sue Ann on The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the innocent Rose on Golden Girls, and the worldly Elka on Hot in Cleveland.

Betty’s 80+ years in television is officially the longest career in the history of TV. She was the first woman to produce a national TV show; the first woman to star in a sitcom; and the first woman to receive an Emmy nomination. In fact, she is the first woman to ever appear on television, given her performance on an experimental broadcast in the 1930s. Thanks to exclusive access, the film reveals Betty behind-the-scenes at work, entertaining at home, and interacting with her animal friends—one of whom is a 900 pound grizzly bear. Altogether, it’s a portrait of one of the most beloved stars in the world, truly the “First Lady of Television.”