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Chasing Pluto 1x53

The New Horizons spacecraft, one of the most advanced ever built, flew over nine years across 3 billion miles to take the very first detailed images of the dwarf planet Pluto. Thanks to its treacherous journey, we are finally able to get a close look at this strange, icy world. New Horizons is poised to make dramatic new discoveries, not just about Pluto, but about the vast realm of icy bodies lurking beyond Neptune, relics of the earliest days of the solar system’s formation. Join NOVA as their cameras go behind the scenes to witness the historic moment when, back on Earth, the planetary scientists who spent decades working on this mission receive the anticipated signal from their spacecraft. Chasing Pluto looks at Pluto’s mysterious surface in unprecedented detail and explores new secrets about other alien worlds at the far limits of our solar system.


Inflight rights also available.