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Poetry in America – Season 1 12x25

“What the series is doing, effectively, episode by episode and clip by clip, is what the so-called Instagram poets do: It is fusing words and images to bring poetry to life in a new way.” —The Atlantic

Poetry in America gathers distinguished interpreters from all walks of life to explore and debate 12 unforgettable American poems. Athletes and poets, politicians and musicians, architects, scientists, actors, entrepreneurs, and citizens of all ages join host and Harvard professor Elisa New to experience and share the power of poetry in this visually dazzling and archivally rich series.

The series includes works by Emily Dickinson, Edward Hirsch, W.H. Auden, William Carlos Williams, Nas, Allen Ginsberg, Carl Sandburg, Gwendolyn Brooks, Robert Pinsky, Robert Hayden, Emma Lazarus, Galway Kinnel and Langston Hughes.