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Raw to Ready 4x54

Explore the science, innovation, and sheer genius it takes to transform the most basic ingredients into the world’s most awe-inspiring machines. From aircraft to big rigs to earth movers, Raw to Ready goes deep inside factories to uncover the hard work and craftsmanship it takes to build these incredible machines and reveals the hidden stories of human ingenuity that have transformed the earth’s most essential raw materials into monumental marvels of modern technology.

Komatsu: The giant earth mover Komatsu 930E is an amazing engineering achievement made possible by four unexpected essential raw ingredients: chromium, mineral oil, latex rubber, and sulfuric acid.

Bentley: The Mulsanne from Bentley, a perfectly luxurious and perfectly fast road machine, is only made possible by iron, pigment, leather, and wood.

Mack Truck: The Mack Pinnacle highway truck—a modern workhorse vital to commerce and capable of hauling over 80,000-pound payloads—relies on platinum, petroleum, copper, and polyurethane.

Bombardier: The Bombardier CRJ-1000, a regional aircraft that carries up to 100 passengers, is part of a global fleet that transports three out of every four American air passengers. It’s only made possible through the use of silica, titanium, aluminum, and lacquer.