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Richard Pryor: Icon 1x55

Richard Pryor: ICON explores how Pryor transformed from a straight-laced comedian to one of the most controversial and thought-provoking acts of his time. Sex, drugs, race—nothing was off-limits to Pryor. By changing his routine, Pryor changed comedy forever. He opened the door for other comedians to inject social commentary and other once-verboten topics into their humor.

From his troubled upbringing in the slums of Peoria, Illinois to his brave battle against multiple sclerosis, examine the roller-coaster life and times of this comedic trailblazer. Though he was one of the most successful and influential entertainers of his generation, Pryor also wrestled with drug addiction and the lingering effects of being raised in a brothel by abusive parents. Featuring interviews with close personal friends and comedians he influenced, including Tracy Morgan and George Lopez, this film defines Richard Pryor’s lasting impact on comedy and culture, often in his own words, showing us why he is an American icon.