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Rise of ISIS, The 1x53

“FRONTLINE continues to perform vital work in its coverage of the Middle East and the battle against terrorism, with its latest, The Rise of ISIS, forging what amounts to a sobering, well-reported trilogy with Losing Iraq and The United States of Secrets.”—Variety

FRONTLINE’s The Rise of ISIS is a major, in-depth investigation of the brutal terrorist group’s ascent, drawing on in-depth interviews with Iraqi politicians, and American policymakers and military leaders to explore and explain how ISIS developed into what one interviewee calls “the Al Qaeda that Osama bin Laden only dreamed of building.” The film traces how ISIS gained strength in Syria, how the group is funded, how they operate and how, city by city, from Ramadi to Fallujah to Mosul, ISIS swept across Iraq—seizing territory, recording and broadcasting mass executions and drawing recruits from an estimated 80 countries.