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Secrets of the Manor House (Series) 5x55

The enormous popularity of period costume dramas set in the English countryside has led to huge interest in the real-life stories of the amazing homes that dot the landscape and often serve as the settings for these lush productions. This new five-part series explores four of the best-known and most-storied homes in England, and provides a primer for understanding the inner workings of the British manor houses in the early 20th century, revealing the gorgeous décor and furnishings of the homes as well as the incredibly rich history of their occupants.

Secrets of Highclere Castle – Home of the Earl and Countess of Carnarvon, this castle is best-known as the setting for the immensely popular drama Downton Abbey.

Secrets of Henry VIII’s Palace – Originally built for Henry VIII’s confidant, Cardinal Wolsey, this house is said to be haunted by the ghost of the executed Anne Boleyn.

Secrets of Chatsworth – The seat of the Duke of Devonshire, and home to his family since Bess of Hardwick settled at Chatsworth in 1549.

Secrets of Althorp – The Spencers – Childhood home of Princess Diana, this estate is the family seat of the Spencers.