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Seven Wonders of Brazil 1x55

From Christ the Redeemer to Carnival, Robert Beckford explores the diversity of Brazilian Christianity

Seven Wonders of Brazil journeys into the heart of Brazil to explore a much older religion—Brazilian Christianity. The religion has existed since the country was colonized by the Portuguese almost 500 years ago and is a mixture of influences—African beliefs, indigenous Indian rituals, and the folk Catholicism of the southern Europeans.

Robert Beckford, a British academic theologian, explores the incredible spiritual diversity of Brazil by traveling to the country’s seven wonders. From the spectacular and iconic Christ the Redeemer statue to the samba beat of the Carnival, at each wonder, Robert looks at a key ingredient that makes up the melting pot that is Brazilian Christianity.

The seven wonders include:

  • Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro
  • São Francisco Church, Salvador
  • Teatro Amazonas (Amazon Theatre and Opera House), Manaus
  • São Paulo See Metropolitan Cathedral, Sao Paulo
  • Igreja Presbyterian Cathedral, Rio de Janeiro
  • Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady Aparecida, Brasilia
  • Rio Carnival, Rio de Janeiro