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Survivor 1x70

Survivor is more than the saga of a perilous journey. It’s a story of a mother’s bond, a species’ endurance, and one extraordinary calf’s breath-taking survival. Within moments of birth, a wildebeest calf is seized by a lioness. What should be the end of this story is just the beginning. Instinct drives the naive calf to bond with the nearest warm body: the lioness. By a fluke so rare it’s never been filmed before — the lioness bonds in return.

After eight tense hours, the lioness finally lets the calf go, but the calf is still in danger: she’s alone. A calf separated from its mother will die within days, because other wildebeest mother’s will not share their milk. Our calf wanders alone through downpours and hostile herds.

Then by sheer luck – a familiar sound. Mother and calf recognize each other’s calls and reunite. Soon they begin the epic drama of the Great Migration. They will encounter a variety of predators – only to reach a crocodile-infested river that must be crossed. For an adult wildebeest, this trek is a challenge; for a calf, it’s an ordeal.

Wildebeest move around a lot. In a typical year, a herd one million strong journeys almost 2,000 miles in the never-ending search for greener pastures. It’s the world’s greatest land migration and Nature’s biggest drama. Survivor offers a fresh way to see it: through the eyes of a newborn calf as it runs an obstacle course of hazards: cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, crocodiles – and a lion that defies nature.